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Be a Dog Short Sleeve Tee

Be a Dog Tee BADT2016

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This image is printed on the front of a short sleeve Gildan dry-blend, ash-gray t-shirt. The image on this shirt is a re-make of a real picture of Ian. He is on a flag pole. It's not a picture taken in motion. He is not swinging. It's not a magic trick. He's holding himself in place with sheer power. This is typical of Ian... messing around in random "feats of strength." This picture was chosen for these shirts because it illustrates (perfectly) the might and determination of this wild, tenacious, young man... who is now working on the single, biggest "feat of strength" yet: recovery from a paralyzing spinal cord injury. This image is also somewhat prophetic. Like a flag lifted high, signaling a people, Ian has been lifted high in prayer, and this image signals further support. This is the sign of solidarity for the army behind him. This is his banner, representing strength and yes, triumph. Be a dog...

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