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Fundraising with Knight of Truth Media

Why a KoT Fundraiser?

It’s a quality product. 
Our hoodies are thick, soft, J America sweatshirts. Our T-shirts are also high quality and pre-shrunk.

It’s a powerful product.

Every KoT design has a direct Christian message. The majority of them contain the Word of God. With a KoT products it’s not just a fundraiser, it’s a "faithraiser".

It’s a personal product.
By partnering with KoT, your organization has the opportunity to personalize your favorite design with your own logo! *

It’s a profitable product.

By selling KoT products your organization will earn a percentage of each sale.

How to do a KoT Fundraiser

Once you have agreed to partner with KoT for fundraising, you and your sales rep will determine the date and duration of the sale. You will also determine the products you wish to sell for the fundraiser, and if you would like the clothing to have your logo printed on them as well*. We advise choosing approximately 10 products, to make end-of-sale tallying easier. 

KoT will then create a unique online catalog for your organization. This will be available on the web site as well as in the KoT catalog app.

We will provide an electronic and printable master copy of the KoT fundraiser flyer. To advertise the fundraiser, you may print as many as you want, distribute to whomever you want, and/or post wherever you want. However, you many not make additional changes to the flyers without permission from KoT. 

We will also provide instructions for downloading the KoT app on mobile devices. This app will serve as a mobile catalog to make selling easy. Those who do not have a mobile device can use a computer and log on to the web site that way. If a computer is not available either, your sales team can download and print the catalog from your page on our web site. 

At the end of the fundraiser, you will tally the total products sold for your organization on the order form template we provide. You then log in to our web site to place one single order via pay pal or a company credit card. Enter a shipping address and your items will then be shipped directly to your organization. Production and delivery will take approx 3-6 weeks depending on the size of your fundraiser.

*Design will not be exclusive to your organization



Please allow 3+ weeks for delivery. To reduce unsold inventory and maximize profits for Ian and family, we will not be printing these items until all orders have been placed and the store is closed. Thank you for your patience and support of this amazing young man!