How to Become a Knight

1. For Fundraising information: 


2. For informtion on partnerships: 


3. To join our sales team: 


4. To send a prayer request: 



Don't feel left out. There are three ways you can join the movement! 

1. Do a Fundraiser

But don't just do a fundraiser. Do a faith-raiser! With Knight of Truth Media you can spread the Word of God while raising valuable funds for your organization. For more information on fundraising click here.

2. Become an Affiliate

Now you can partner with Knight of Truth Media! Campus book stores and local gift shops can become an affiliate by offering any of our witness wear, accessories, DVDs etc. Contact us via email for more information.

3. Join our Sales Team

Work from home selling a quality Christian product, in your own spare time! Earn commission on sold fundraisers or contracted affiliates. Any state or locale welcome. For more information contact us through email with a resume and cover letter. 

4. Join our Prayer Team

Last, but certainly not least, become a Knight of Prayer! Each month, Knight of Truth Media will post a prayer of the month and distribute to all our members. Please, pray along with us and help make a powerful difference in our world. Become a member of our prayer team now by filling out our sign up form here. You'll be notified via email of various prayer intentions/needs, as well as any answered prayers that we discover.



Please allow 3+ weeks for delivery. To reduce unsold inventory and maximize profits for Ian and family, we will not be printing these items until all orders have been placed and the store is closed. Thank you for your patience and support of this amazing young man!